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Calculates the maximum of two numbers.


max(x, y)


x: the first number. Allowed data types: any data type.
y: the second number. Allowed data types: any data type.


The larger of the two parameter values.

Example Code

The code ensures that sensVal is at least 20.

sensVal = max(sensVal, 20); // assigns sensVal to the larger of sensVal or 20
                            // (effectively ensuring that it is at least 20)

Notes and Warnings

Perhaps counter-intuitively, max() is often used to constrain the lower end of a variable’s range, while min() is used to constrain the upper end of the range.

Because of the way the max() function is implemented, avoid using other functions inside the brackets, it may lead to incorrect results

max(a--, 0);  // avoid this - yields incorrect results

// use this instead:
max(a, 0);
a--;  // keep other math outside the function

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