Etherkit JTEncode

Data Processing

Generate JT65, JT9, JT4, FT8, WSPR, and FSQ symbols on your Arduino.
This library very simply generates a set of channel symbols for JT65, JT9, JT4, FT8, or WSPR based on the user providing a properly formatted Type 6 message for JT65, JT9, or JT4 (which is 13 valid characters), Type 0.0 or 0.5 message for FT8 (v2.0.0 protocol) or a callsign, Maidenhead grid locator, and power output for WSPR. It will also generate an arbitrary FSQ message of up to 200 characters in both directed and non-directed format. When paired with a synthesizer that can output frequencies in fine, phase-continuous tuning steps (such as the Si5351), then a beacon or telemetry transmitter can be created which can change the transmitted characters as needed from the Arduino.

Author: Jason Milldrum

Maintainer: Jason Milldrum

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This library is compatible with all architectures so you should be able to use it on all the Arduino boards.


To use this library, open the Library Manager in the Arduino IDE and install it from there.